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Our Unique Course in Leadership as a Lifelong Practice

This unique program creates the foundation for developing effective lifelong practices that inspire leaders, and those around them, to continuously evolve. Leadership as a Lifelong Practice  is a nine-month experience combining group meetings, … More

Leadership as a Lifelong Practice for Leadership Teams

Creating a culture of innovation seems to be the Holy Grail for twenty-first century organizations. However, we observe organizations consistently reverting to the average. Almost by default, once-successful organizations become trapped by the pull … More

Organization Practices and the Enneagram System

The Enneagram Personality System goes well beyond profiling a person's behavioral styles.  It is practiced in organizations to gain deeper self-awareness, to understand colleagues better, to communicate more effectively, to build stronger … More

Seminars and Workshops

We offer specialized leadership development seminars and workshops - all designed to teach Lifelong Practices and to guide participants in applying these practices. Sample Topics: Introduction to using the Enneagram Personality System in … More

Lifelong Practice – A Core Value

Lifelong Practice

We believe leadership consists of catalyzing and creating movement toward potential - toward the full potential of the organization, a team or group within the organization and the individuals that make up the organization. Leadership is a lifelong practice We are guides on the the path to mastering these lifelong practices of leadership. We … READ...


*practice |ˈpraktəs| the actual application or use of an idea, belief, or method as opposed to theories about such application or use: the principles and practice of teaching … READ...


Why lifelong practice? Why not a few easy steps or a couple tips and a few tools?  We have found that transformation - deep sustainable change in the way we do things, how we feel and what we think - is an ongoing process.  The process begins with self-observation; noticing how we behave and what we feel and think.  Since we have had a lifelong … READ...