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Developing Leaders & Leadership Cultures

In today’s challenging business environment of rapid change, diminishing returns and limited resources, you are likely scrutinizing your business more closely than ever to determine how best to optimize the use of every available asset.  Successful and forward-thinking firms are working to use their human capital more effectively by examining ways to create a diverse portfolio of individuals who think differently, inspire others and solve problems creatively.  These organizations recognize a critical truth – building a strong leadership team that leads through self awareness, self wisdom and authenticity can create the kind of leadership culture that can adapt to rapidly changing business needs and create sustainable success.


How We Help


The Center for Intelligent Leadership specializes in optimizing the value of your management talent.  Through our work with many organizations like yours, we have found that latent value exists in even the most talented individuals.  Our goal is to help them uncover and capitalize on that value so that they can contribute more effectively and fully to your organization.

Our unique blend of organizational and individual psychology connects individual leadership potential to your organization’s business performance.  We focus on creating sustainable change and uncovering authentic leadership in a way that is lasting, rather than fleeting.  We understand that each client is unique, and so we will work with you to craft programs that are highly personalized and speak to the individual needs of your company, as well as your executives and high potential employees.

Through our programs, participants will:

  • Develop self-awareness and authenticity in your approach to leading others
  • Learn to recognize your personality-based filters and those of others around you
  • Improve communications with others through building trust and understanding